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Awesome Tips For Nail Fungus Treatment

Tell Me About Nail Fungus

November 23 2015, 03:33am

Posted by Elvira Foster

Tell Me About Nail Fungus

While nail fungus cannot cause any health hazard to those with good health, It turns out to be an nuisance. Based on one report, about 7% of the adult population are suffering from a fungal infection at some time in their life. A second report implies as much as 12% of Americans are having certain form of nail fungus while a third one states that up to 20% of people in the U.S. over the age of 40 suffer some kind of nail fungus. You will notice the change of color of the nail. Some nails will break away from the bed of the nail.

Nail fungus, which is also referred by its medical name as onychomycosis. It is condition where the fungus grows on the nails. A group of fungi known as dermatophytes is responsible for this infection.

Although it affects the nails on both toes and fingers but it usually affects the toenails. This is because of the proven fact that toe nails are more inclined to come into contact with the fungus in contaminated areas like public change rooms, public swimming pools and shower facilities. The fungus flourishes in a moist, dark place. Toes covered in socks and shoes can provide a suitable habitat.

The occurrence of nail fungus is more prevalent with males than with females. It is more common in those of old age than young people. Nevertheless, the condition occurs with both genders and with all ages.If there is a history of the condition in your household, there is an increased risk. It should be fully grasped; nevertheless, that mainly because nail fungus perhaps have affected a family member, that does not indicate you are guaranteed to contract this condition. Even so, nail fungus is easy to pick up off an tainted surface, so it is essential to be vigilant.

Other factors which can bring about nail fungus include using the incorrect shoes. Tight fitting shoes can pinch your toes and help trigger the possible onset of nail fungus. If your blood circulation is not functioning optimally, particularly in your extremities, you are at a greater risk of getting nail fungus. Other problems also can contribute to a heightened risk for developing nail fungus, including a humid work environment, previous skin conditions or injuries and sweating excessively.